Music for the Augmented Pipe Organ

Music for the Augmented Pipe Organ is a concert which merges the vibrant acoustics of the pipe organ with the techniques of electronic music.

Viewing the pipe organ as both a ‘traditional’ and ‘radical’ instrument capable of constructing new sound worlds, the project extends the instrument towards an emerging digital culture using custom digital interfaces that allow real-time manipulation of all organ pipes and stops. Exploring new poetics and anomalies of the organ, the interdisciplinary work celebrates process and rewards close listening. 

“transforms the world’s oldest mechanical synthesizer into a jarringly futuristic device …. makes the organ feel alive with possibility” – The Wire: Adventures in Sound and Music


  • 2019__Pacific Spirit United Church, Vancouver, Canada
  • 2020__Kunst-Station Sankt Peter, Köln, Germany
  • 2022__Open Ears Festival, Kitchener, Canada
  • 2023__Orgelpark, Amsterdam
  • 2023__lab30 Festival, Augsburg, Germany
  • 2023__AGGREGATE, Berlin, Germany
  • 2024__Stavanger Concert Hall, Norway
  • 2024__Kunst-Station Sankt Peter, Köln, Germany


  • Canada Council for the Arts, Special Initiative Frankfurt 2020